Authorized private school

the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport (MECTS)

Presentation School Paradis

Authenticity, Independence, Professionalism, Performance, Dedication, sense and Creativity

Paradise School is a private school authorized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MECTS), a school that offers a complete educational path, diversified and enriched during 15 years of existence, the schedule drawn up for kindergarten, primary and at gymnasium.

National Curriculum is aligned with the principles and methods of teaching in the UK, children benefiting from intensive English study, educational projects, school and extracurricular activities bilingual English language camps and international exchanges, which ensures their exceptional academic experiences life rich, multicultural exchanges valuable and success both in the national education system and in the international one.

Paradise school is a school of personal development which operates on the principle of considering the child as a whole, focusing on a holistic approach to its development and are constantly preoccupied by the level of happiness and motivation of its students, its purpose being training and harmonious personalities people value.

Unlike traditional schools that focus mainly on the development of only two types of intelligence – linguistic and mathematical Paradis School puts its focus of personalized education, pursuing the proposed projects to develop all seven types of intelligence that are included in the model Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences: linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematical, spatial, kinetic, musical, intrapersonal and interpersonal.

Both parents and children are consulted in the choice of educational projects, extracurricular activities and clubs, art and knowledge, aiming at constantly identifying the skills and talents to multifaceted development of children, which are designed to cultivate seven types harnessing intelligence and intelligences prevalent.

Curricular and extracurricular activities allow children to form critical and lateral thinking, autonomy, practicality, creativity, oratorical skills, English communication skills, adaptability and other skills and attitudes that will help to operate successfully as an adult in a rapidly changing democratic society.

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Also Paradise School is indistinguishable from the results that come as a recognition of the excellence of academic standards and educational values, satisfaction and safety of students, professional development, openness to pluralism, social responsibility and involvement in the local community, promoting the arts and sciences sports, cooperation with other educational institutions in the country and abroad, actions taken to implement information technology in education, facilities, financial stability, creativity and innovation.