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Oana Mihaela Albu, School and Nursery manager Paradise International School

Paradise International School is an institution authorized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MECTS)

the schedule developed for primary. Paradis School is an alternative to the public school system, with an open approach, flexible, competitive human specific. Additionally, Paradise International School offers meets certain needs imposed by current society by harmonizing national curriculum and teaching methods principles in the UK. We intend to develop the child’s personality reporting to the ideal educational educational projects promoted by modern society – independent, savvy, English communication skills, ability to adapt to new situations of life. Traditional school tends to focus on two of the 7 types of intelligence that can be found in the model of Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences: Linguistic intelligence and logical-mathematical intelligence. Paradise International School seeks, through the projects they propose, develop and intelligence besides the two Space, Kinetica intelligence, musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence and intrapersonal intelligence, developing harmonious personality of the child. Parents are consulted in choosing extracurricular activities – clubs, art and knowledge, identifying talent and pursuing passions, so that children develop multifaceted, and using all 7 types of intelligence.


Offers the M.E.C.T.S.

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We develop all 7 types of intelligence


Happy Parents

Learn about the experiences of parents who enrolled their children in school Paradis;

In the year 2009 a little shy girl was knocking at the doors of Paradise Kindergarten, hand in hand with two parents full of hope.In the following years we grew up together – child, mother and father, guided with patience and wisdom by Paradise School teachers. Now, after six years spent in Paradise, with two children who love going to
school every day, I can say without hesitation that this is the ideal place where they can grow happily and develop harmoniously and my worries, as a parent, regarding their education are useless. Because here, in Paradise, there are people who mold the character of every student carefully and delicately, who teach them, plant the seed of their self-confidence and respect them, help them overcome their fears and test their limits.

Raluca Razusi

In Paradise School and Kindergarten, every student is important and treated seriously, being responsible and respected, taught to follow the rules without sensing they are constrained, their particular skill is discovered and their free spirit cultivated. In fact, Paradise school is not an educational institution; it is a state of mind. It is joy, study, love, normality, friendship, team spirit, competitiveness – all these in one place and in optimum dosage.

That is why we are happy in Paradise and proud to evolve together.

Raluca Razusi

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