Manager`s message

When I founded Paradise International School,

in 2005, already had many years of teaching experience and managerial and long felt need for a change in education. The need became acute when I became a mother, and I understand how important the personalized education that puts children at the center as a whole is constantly preoccupied happiness, motivation and training of its harmonious personality. I wanted for a long time a school where my students learn not only definitions and concepts, not just how to pass tests and exams, not just how to meet and gather diplomas scales imposed over diplomas without a definite purpose. I wanted a school where children come with joy, a school to feed critical and lateral thinking, imagination, independence, creativity and power to find the Self.

Today, I am happy not just because I am the director of a school education that meets all these conditions, but also because I along with a team of professionals, people births seemed to bring smile on the faces of color and wonder in the minds of children School of paradise. Today, I trust they receive education students and my children.

Oana Mihaela Albu,Manager Paradise International School