Paradise Story

Paradise International School – Cambridge and A.R.A.C.I.P. authorization- is a private school authorized by the Minister of Education, Research, Youth and Sport (M.E.C.T.S.), a school that offers a complete and diversified educational development enriched during its nine-year existence respecting the syllabus for kindergarten, primary and secondary school.

The national curriculum is in harmony with the British principles and teaching methods benefiting from the intensive study of English as a Second Language, from educational projects, bilingual school activities and extra-curricular projects, English camps and international educational exchanges, things which assure pupils not only an academic training, diversified life experiences, valuable multicultural exchanges but also the chance to succeed both in the national and the international educational system.

Paradise School is a personal development school that considers the child as a whole emphasizing the holistic approach of his development and being constantly preoccupied by the level of happiness and motivation of its students, aiming to develop the child’s personality harmoniously and to become valuable people. Unlike traditional schools which tent to focus mainly on two types of intelligence – Linguistic intelligence and logical-mathematical intelligence-, Paradise School is centred on personalised education having as a goal to develop, besides the two mentioned above, the Spatial intelligence, Kinetic intelligence, Musical intelligence, Intrapersonal intelligence and Interpersonal intelligence in accordance with the seven types of intelligence described by  Howard Gardner in his theory of multiple intelligences.

Furthermore, not only the parents but also the children are consulted when choosing the extra-curricular activities, the art and knowledge clubs, which aim to identify the talents and passions, so that children can have a polyvalent development, using all the seven types of intelligence and valuing the predominant intelligences.

The curricular and extra-curricular activities allow the pupil to form his critical and lateral thinking, the autonomy, the common sense, the creativity, the abilities to deliver a speech, the adaptability and other competences and attitudes which will help the pupil perform successfully, as an adult, in a democratic society that changes permanently.

Moreover, Paradise School differentiates from other schools through the results which are regarded as a recognition of its excellent academic standards, of its educational values, of children’s contentment and security, of the professional development, of the opening to pluralism, of social responsibility and of the involvement in the local community, of promoting arts, science and sports, of partnerships with other educational institutions in our country or from abroad, of implementing the Information Technology in the educational process, of facilities, of financial stability, of creativity and innovation.